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Here is my collection of sounds from several of Jeffrey Combs' film and television appearances, downloadable as zip files. All were made by me, so please do not reproduce them without asking me first.


The Man With Two Brains (1983)

Jeff plays a first-year hospital intern, and is present in only one short scene.

Download He and his friend have been caught shaving a patient in the wrong place! [1.8 Mb]


Cyclone (1987)

Here Combs portrays Rick Davenport, a scientist who has created a futuristic motorcycle, complete with a weapons system and a helmet-mounted laser beam that'll blow anything to bits. He is killed by some corrupt government guys who want to steal his work, and his girlfriend has to try to deliver the Cyclone into the right hands.

Download Oh God, I love it when you f*** up Einstein. [366 kb]

Download Rick has been receiving disturbing phone calls. [982 kb]

Download "Hey, I thought you wanted to go dancing...." [590 kb]

Download "You see that man over there? I saw him in med school......except he was in a jar." [437 kb]

Download "Ah, a nerd, am I?" [696 kb]


Bride of Re-Animator (1989)

In this sequel to the cult horror hit Re-Animator, Jeff is once again the twisted Dr. Herbert West. He is now on a quest to create a woman from dead body parts obtained in Miskatonic Hospital's morgue, with the aid of his flourescent re-agent and an unwilling assistant.

Download Theme music. [1.99 Mb, 26 sec.]

Download "You still don't understand, do you?.... We will create new life!" [883 kb]

Download "....look at you now. You're nothing but a dead head." [1.13 Mb]

Download This is the essence of Bride of Re-Animator. Herbert's passion for his work is revealed! [3.35 Mb]


The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

Jeff is Francisco, a scribe for the Spanish inquisition under the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada. This was filmed on location in a castle in Giove, Italy, and is one of my favorite Combs films.

Download Hear what Jeffrey had to say about his role. [774 kb]

Download The Pit and the Pendulum opening music sequence. [1.96 Mb]

Download "I heard that the Pope is sending a bishop in order to make us stop using torture." [431 kb]

Download "Confessions are only accepted under torture, otherwise.... it wouldn't be a true confession." [601 kb]

Download "How can they confess if they don't have tongues?!" [345 kb]

Download "I'm sorry, mistress, that you weren't able to properly confess...." [555 kb]

Download "There will always be others." [349 kb]


Doctor Mordrid (1992)

In this film Jeffrey is a superhero / sorcerer, Doctor Mordrid, sworn to protect Earth and its human inhabitants from the evil sorcerer Kabal who wishes to release his hell-spawned children upon it.

Download & Download Jeff had alot to say about his part in this film; click on both to find out what. [592 kb & 1.01 Mb]

Download "I was wrong. I thought the police would help me prevent the next murder.... Kabal is a demon who uses mortals to do his bidding." [854 kb]

Download "It would be beyond the apocalypse." [180 kb]


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine New!

Jeffrey portrays Weyoun, a Vorta, an invaluable member of the Dominion. For several episodes he and their ally, Gul Dukat, controlled Deep Space Nine and are currently warring with the Federation. His other role is Brunt, a Ferengi who loves to make Quark squirm.

Download (Weyoun in Behind the Lines) "Yes, Dukat...this delay is intolerable. There are thousands of Jem Ha'dar ships stranded.... waiting to come through and join the war effort." [542 kb]

Download (Mulkahey in Far Beyond the Stars) This is a vision / dream episode for Captain Sisko in which many of the "alien" cast members are seen without their make-up. Jeff is a police officer who harrasses Sisko because of his suit. [538 kb]

Download (Weyoun in Inquisition) "You actually believe that, don't you? That's why you're such a good operative." [486 kb]

Download (Weyoun in Inquisition) "Here we go again. These little conversations of ours always follow the same pattern.... until finally the walls inside your mind start to break down and you accept the truth." [1.28 Mb]

Download (Weyoun in In the Pale Moonlight) "Those plans were ruined by the incompetency of your predecessor.... We offered him unchallenged control of the Alpha Quadrant and all he could think about was his daughter." [897 kb]


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